Azure Stack HCI

Moving from Traditional to HCI. While the previous stage was to move servers from physical servers to virtual servers. If you’re still in the process of needing to do that look at the Microsoft SysInternals Suite program called “disk2vhd”. If you don’t have a SAN check out Window Server ISCSI target server or FreeNAS (changed […]

SIP/VOIP Audio Quality Issues SonicWall

Before doing anything take a backup of the current configuration. Enable consistent NAT & disable security scanning on VOIP server/PBX. Enable consistent NAT (75% improvement in audio quality): Now to get that remaining 25%. Then create a zone for your PBX and disable security scanning services on that device VoIP: Poor quality or calls getting […]


So, where do I start with this? I found this image in a Spanish YouTube video and I’ve found no other indicator that communicates what everything is for as good as this one: So, if I were to extrapolate this information, you have the PBX (public Branch eXchanger), which is your phone system. The Session […]

Unifi Talk VOIP – Beta

This is an exciting feature although the first go-round that Ubiquiti had with their line up wasn’t well received and they didn’t deliver on what the people expected. Now, they are back at it with the 2nd generation line-up of devices. We’ll see how they fare. There is already a competitive phone in the new […]

Dell SonicWall Site-To-Site VPN Blocking Ping

Found my answer here: “You may already know this but just in case, if you would prefer to keep your low priority IPS enabled but still allow ICMP traffic, that is possible.  Under the IPS Policies section, you can set the category drop-down for ICMP and then click the pencil icon.  Once you do […]