I just received an update when trying to play Cold War Black Ops saying that it was “Copying Files” and that it had to move about 60 GB of data. I hadn’t seen it do that before and went looking online to see if anyone had any detailed information regarding the process. I found very minimal information.

I could see that the drive that the game was on was at 100% disk activity. Interestingly, it was performing about the same reads as it was doing writes. Therefore, I had concluded that the file copy task was moving some data that already existed in the game folder to somewhere else within the game folder. I don’t have a backup of the drive to compare the differences nor do I have volume shadow copy enabled for comparison.

After that had completed it said that it was performing a residency check.

I had let the copy task finish and then it began downloading an update of around 12 GB.

With a 400 Mbps internet connection the download seemed to still max out at 100 Mbps. I would venture a guess that this is the limitation of the delivery server that I’m connected to.

With 4 to 5 GB of download remaining the task bar turned from orange to yellow and allowed the game to run whilst having the option of the game data complete in the background. I prefer to simply let it complete.

Once complete a Disk Reclaim task began ~ 30 GB

Once Complete it looks like this:

Total Storage consumption of game after update was 146 GB.

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