For this I’ll need 2 tools:

Install TrueNAS Core on a device with a boot drive (any actual disk that isn’t a flash drive i.e. internal disk). In my case I installed it on a 120GB SSD for the boot device.

Then create a ZPool which can be done through the web GUI by clicking “Storage” then “Pools”

Then in the top-right click “Add”

This will start the Zpool setup wizard

If you’re not sure what would be best for redundancy to performance just click the “suggest layout” button. If you don’t know what to name it I recommend “tank1”.

and continue through the prompts until you have created your first ZPool

Next, determine if you are in a windows “Workgroup” Environment, or a Windows “Domain Environment” or Neither.

If you’re in a workgroup environment you’ll have to create the users to match usernames and credentials on the TrueNAS server as well as the workstation that you are trying to save data from.

In a domain environment you’ll want to join the TrueNAS server to the domain such that it can be made aware of domain users. However, it is still possible to run TrueNAS as a member server (not tied to a domain) but with the same username and password as a domain user to access from a domain-joined workstation to the TrueNAS server.

In a *nix environment an LDAP server could be used with OpenLDAP for example.

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