Moving from Traditional to HCI.

While the previous stage was to move servers from physical servers to virtual servers.

All of these options exist as-a-service as well with cloud service offerings to varying degrees of management. An HCI solution such as Azure Stack HCI or Nutanex AOS, and VMWare VxRail among others.

I feel that RackSpace had seriously pushed the Hyper-Converged Infrastructure environment with their massive deployment of OpenStack which is essentially a fully elastic computer resource platform which these products aim to be as well. However, they are meant to integrate more easily with existing business environments to benefit from such features for profit whereas OpenStack is free. Choose what suits you best.

The purpose of these types of software is to make computing resources more malleable, fungible, redundant, resilient, compressed, trimmed, in general perform extremely well while being able to easily adapt to environmental changes.

You can try out AzureStack HCI but you will need to update your VMs to version 10 in hyper-v which requires a beta version of Windows 10 if you’re using an AMD CPU to enable nested virtualization if you don’t have multiple physical servers to test it on. For most Intel chips enabling nested virtualization should be possible with the latest current version release of Windows 10.

Setting it up even in a test environment can cause a lot of “gotchas” that I would like to outline at some point.

Azure Stack HCI installs very similar to windows from a flash drive.

To give it a go for yourself click this link:

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