So, where do I start with this? I found this image in a Spanish YouTube video and I’ve found no other indicator that communicates what everything is for as good as this one:

So, if I were to extrapolate this information, you have the PBX (public Branch eXchanger), which is your phone system.

The Session Border Controller, is a lot like a firewall for your PBX. Since it works like a firewall it would appear that this device is used for remote phones such as WFH (work from home) and cell users. I would also figure that it would have a site-to-site VPN option between 2 SBCs at 2 different physical locations.

The FXS Gateway, is the device that connects to your analog devices, analog phones, and fax machines. Not sure exactly how this compares to an ATA device where the device essentially makes an analog device IP-capable. Seems similar to me but would need to find out more.

The VegaGateway just seems like an FXO/FXS PCB in a box.

I’m curious how this all translates to just regular hardware instead of all of the hardware from the same vendor.

Then, I found this:,battery%20current%20and%20ring%20voltage.&text=FXO%20(Foreign%20Exchange%20Office)%20is,that%20receives%20the%20analog%20line.

Analog Gateways (FXS Gateway)


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