Ensure that the network connection profile is set to Private or Domain. If set to public, communication with registers will fail as SMB shares are used to transfer data between the Point-Of-Sale (POS) devices and the Store Management Suite (SMS) server.

An easy way to check this is by opening an elevated powershell window and entering the following command:

PS> Get-NetConnectionProfile

This will list all of the network connection’s profiles. To ensure which profile is associated with which network interface card (NIC) use the following command to cross-reference the variable “InterfaceIndex” with “ifIndex”

PS> Get-NetAdapter

Once, you have identified the NIC that you want to change the connection profile of from Public to Private you can set the connection using this command:

PS> Set-NetConnectionProfile -InterfaceIndex <number> -NetworkCategory Private

Changing “Private” to “Domain” will change the network connection profile to domain.

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