I saw that Microsoft is closing their retail stores because it “isn’t working out for them”.


In my opinion Microsoft simply didn’t have “enough” stores to compete.

List of Microsoft Retail Store locations:


And a list of Apple Retail Store Locations:


As you will see one has more and one has less.

Both Apple and Microsoft don’t allow for franchising either.

If Microsoft wanted to compete in the retail market they could allow franchising.

Also, Microsoft’s “strategy” is opening next to Apple Stores.


Why not, I don’t know…sell to areas that Apple doesn’t already have a foothold in the retail market?

Reminds me of the quality of internet in Rural areas. There’s big $$$ to be gained there but the profit margin is expected to diminish the further away from a less populated area. Give some one 1 gigabit internet that’s been dealing with 1.5 Mbps and see how many people switch carriers.

Completely open areas for opportunities to profit but no. The plan they thought would work didn’t so let’s just go back to online-only.

Personally, I would be happy to see a Microsoft Reseller Certification option.

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