Just a quick view at the types of configurations that you might consider depending on your budget and the scale of your infrastructure.

Layer 1 (Small Deployments (OS)) FREE:

  • The ADK
  • MDT
  • WDS – Enable in Windows Server Features
  • High Time Cost

Layer 2 (Medium Deployments (OS + APPS + UPDATES) PAID $$:

  • SCCM $$
  • WSUS – up to you
  • Lower time cost
  • Higher cash cost

Layer 3 (Cloud Based Management (OS + APPS + UPDATES + SETUP DIRECT FROM MANUFACTURER) PAID $$$:

  • Azure AD – Free
  • If you have on-premise Active Directory then you need the Azure Active Directory sync tool on your Primary Domain Controller. -Free
  • AutoPilot – Free
  • Intune – PAID $$$
  • Lowest time cost
  • Highest cash cost

You will notice that it goes in order from FREE as in BEER, to you buy it you own it, and then a subscription service based model. It is important to perform a cost analysis because if you’re scale is large enough the PAID options can have a lower total overall cost.

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