Firstly, you will need to create an account or login with your Google account at You will then pick out a channel name and some customization options.

Once you have done this you will see an option in the top right to select “Create”

When you click on this you will see 2 options.

The first option is to upload a video and the second is go “Go Live”

Don’t worry, clicking on Go Live won’t actually make you “Go Live” immediately. This really needs a name change like “Stream Setup” Then, from there it should say “Go Live” but I digress.

You will see that you’re account if newly created will have a 24 hour waiting period that it has to go through before you can live stream. Facebook Live doesn’t have this waiting period requirement.

There are some strange requirements such as that you can’t go live from mobile until you have 1k+ subscribers. This might explain why Facebook Live although overall having massively worse quality (mostly due to cell phone streams on poor internet connections) is so popular right now.

Latest Requirements:

However, you CAN go live with your webcam once your 24 hour waiting period has ended

After your waiting period is over you can begin streaming.

You have the option of using your webcam but I recommend using OBS software as it is free and easy to use, setup, and has a plethora of features. A quick setup guide to OBS is here:

If you want a full listing of other software options that work well with YouTube see their official listing:

Webcam ONLY

If you want to just use your webcam well it’s pretty user friendly. Click on the webcam and you’ll see a quick setup screen

I recommend selecting Private such that you have the opportunity to test and configure all of your equipment without actually going live first.

Enter the relevant information for your show. Click the “More Options” button and click on “Advanced Settings”. You’ll want to make sure that your Audio and Video equipment is selected correctly.

Click “Next”

You will then see your thumbnail and a “Go Live” button.

Streaming Using Streaming Software (OBS)

The quality (great) and price (free) are a no-brainer for OBS.

When using the stream software (recommended) you will need the Stream URL and Stream key. However, I haven’t seen a permanent key option so you’ll have to create the stream first before you can get a key for it. To begin, start with the same steps as before after clicking on the “Stream” button on the left-hand side navigation bar at the top.

Then click “Create Stream”

You will see this window pop up and you will need to copy this into the stream settings in OBS.

Open up Open Broadcaster Software and click on settings. If you need the software please check out this quick tutorial

Click “Stream”

Enter your Stream URL and Stream Key here

Then, when you’re ready to go live switch it to the audience you want and then click “start streaming” in OBS.

You are now live streaming on YouTube using OBS!

Do you want to know more about the features of OBS? Or do you have any specific issues that you’re having a problem with? Post a comment below.

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