Right-click and open in new tab: https://www.facebook.com/live/create

This is what you will see.

Click “Create Live Stream”. Then a welcome message will come up. Click Next. You will now see an option to “use Stream key”

You will then be taken to the producer page.

Click the “Advanced” button.

From here you will see the page that contains your stream URL and Key that you will need for OBS. Choose a persistent key unless you want to do these steps for each video.

Open up Open Broadcaster Software and click on settings. If you need the software please check out this quick tutorial http://techmikewi.com/2020/04/14/obs-open-broadcaster-software-quick-setup-tutorial/

Click “Stream”

Enter your Stream URL and Stream Key here

Now that you have your stream key setup you can begin the live stream by clicking on “Start Streaming” but before you click you should go back to the facebook producer page to set it to “Only Me” to do a trial run and test out the quality settings before going live by clicking the “Start Streaming” button in OBS. Be sure NOT to use the “Go Live” button in the facebook producer software. To create an “only me” test click on “friends”

Then click on “only me”

Then, when you’re ready to go live switch it to the audience you want and then click “start streaming” in OBS.

You are now live streaming on Facebook using OBS!

Do you want to know more about the features of OBS? Or do you have any specific issues that you’re having a problem with? Post a comment below.

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