Here is what I consider to give the best picture and comfortable framerate for my purposes in COD MW for PC.

  • Full Screen
  • Refresh Rate – Highest the Monitor goes. Mine is 75hz. So, 75.
  • Render Resolution – My monitor is a 1080p screen. So, 1920×1080
  • Aspect Ratio – Auto
  • V-Sync: OFF. I’m using FreeSync. If I was using GSync I would also turn V-Sync off. If I had neither or a mismatched video card to monitor I would then turn on V-Sync.
  • Custom Framerate: Same as monitor 75.
  • Menu Framerate: 75
  • Out of focus: 30
  • Max out the remainder of the settings by moving them all to the right with the exception of most of the post-processing.
  • Post processing settings:
  • Depth of Field: OFF
  • Filmic Strength: 0
  • Motion blur: OFF
  • Weapon blur: OFF

These are the settings that I use and I think it produces the best picture and frame rate for my current setup. You may have different hardware and feel free to test out which settings that you want enabled vs what your system can handle.

You can choose to go with a higher render and have a lower output which has the ability to make a better picture but you will have to tweak test it. However, bear in mind that you should have a render of at least 100% of your current output.

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