I’ve recently been doing a lot more creating lately with the quarantine and self-isolation that has been going on. During which I had discovered a great utility software as a service that uses machine learning to figure out what your highlight moments were in your game. The current games that are support are Rocket League, Call of Duty Modern Warfare (All modes), Apex Legends, Fortnite, Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds, Overwatch, CS GO, Rainbow 6 Siege, and Minecraft. Instead of manually scrubbing through your recordings for the highlights just let AthenaScope do the hard work for you.

Firstly, to use Athenascope you will need to create an account.


There are 2 ways that you can record:

  • With the Athenascope app (recommended)
  • From OBS (Open Broadcasting Studio) using a stream URL and key.

Firstly, you can record using the Athenascope program and at this current time of writing is the method that I would recommend as Athena has more often successfully calculated a correct highlight. This service is still in beta and it is important for the software to have more data to train on.

Once Athenascope is installed it will just run automatically when you launch a compatible game. It works by streaming your game to the Athenascope cloud servers and then the machine learning AI (Athena) goes ahead and performs the scrubbing.

After playing a match to end the capture be sure to fully close out the game. At this point the app (athenascope) will begin submitting the recorded video to the machine learning AI (Athena). Then some time will need to pass as Athena has to watch the video in real-time (15 minutes for you is 15 minutes for Athena). After this process is completed you will what highlights are available by clicking on the Header text “AthenaScope” in the green text.

(OBS + AthenaScope)

  1. Login to athenascope.com and grab our stream URL and password.
  2. Make sure that the base Athenascope app software isn’t already installed.
  3. Open OBS and go to File -> Settings. You should be able to enter your stream URL and Key.
  4. Using this method you can use certain features like camera overlays and green screens.

Please note that I’m able to submit VODs (Videos On Demand) I’m unable to recommend the use of this method as from my experience that the desktop apps just works better overall. If you need the extra features then it would be best to use OBS.

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