Have you ever just wanted a cloud backup solutions that you didn’t have to bother calculating how much you’re paying per GB? I you’re like me you have a $#!#ton of data that you would have to upload the prices don’t make much sense and a NAS or home server are the more sensible solution. However, I don’t want to go out and purchase a server (I really do) or if it’s too impractical to shell out a bunch of cash just for the purpose of backing up your data to NAS enter “backblaze”.

I’m not sponsored by backblaze in any way. Although I wish I was “email me backblaze!”

When I had been searching for a solution that would simply cover my backup needs for my significant amount of data to be backed up (20TB) it doesn’t seem like it’s that much storage? or does it? At least in cloud-land it does.

Google charges $200/mo. for their 20TB of cloud storage service.

Dropbox Business charges $25/mo/user requiring a minimum of 3 users. So for a home user to back up their storage of 20 TB that would total $75/mo. Still more reasonable than Google Drive.

Box.com (Box) charges $15/mo/user requiring a minimum of 3 users. So for a home user single PC backup total of $45/mo.

Then I checked out opendrive.com. It has a more reasonable price of $9.95/mo and it only requires 1 user.

When I took a look at backblaze I had found that I could backup all of the data “attached” to my PC for $6/mo. That means that if you have external drives that those are included as well!

I had also discovered that the services also offers a promotional deal of getting the first month free! I’m loving that.

I’m still uploading my initial backup and during the backup process it’s been really quick and easy to get setup. By default all drives were selected to be backed up with the exception of my Google Drive file stream as a GSuite user. That seems logical to me as that is already in the cloud. However, if you want to backup your cloud storage from another service as long as it is a mapped drive on your system you can back it up with the backblaze service.

Then I had discovered that I wanted to tinker with some settings to increase the performance of the initial backup process as my upload speed is a measly 10 Mbps. Curse you asymmetric internet connections!

The first setting was to max out my upload speed in the backblaze control panel by clicking on “Settings” and going into the “performance” tab. Then deselecting “automatic threading/throttle” and then bumping the number of backup threads one at a time to determine where the curve was in the performance dropoff. I had settled on “4” backup threads to be sufficient.

You can choose what to backup and what to exclude in the control panel settings and you can minimize the window to the system tray’s overflow menu.

I went to backblaze.com and signed in using modern authentication with my google account. From there I was able to look at all of the computers associated with my account. More than one PC can be added to each account. There was a file explorer style view to select individual files to be restored as needed.

So, far I haven’t completed my initial backup yet and I haven’t had to restore anything but I can say that I’m already impressed with the service. Especially in comparison to other companies offerings.

Try this service out now! You’ll thank me later. To thank me now for the recommendation you can use my referral link here which gives me some unknown quantity of free months to use for the service.


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