If you need the nitty-gritty details of your latency look no further than “hrping”. It’s super easy to use and requires no installation. It’s an executable which I always put in my binaries folder sometimes named “bin, binaries, EXE, or executables”. I usually stick it close the the root of the C:\ drive. To get a traditional continuous readout with the sub-millisecond responses use the following command where ping is replaced with hrping and then the host you wish to pick and the tack t for continuous ping.

hrping www.example.com -t

If you’re interested in having a nice graphical representation displayed in realtime (I believe that this data is pulled using the windows high performance counters) just by adding a tack g.

hrping www.example.com -t -g

You can obtain a copy for yourself here: https://www.cfos.de/en/ping/ping.htm

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