Autohotkey is a wonderful software for those that want to automate some particular task. The most common being typing. I’ll cover a sample script.

Firstly, you will need the autohotkey software.

Open notepad. Use the following script as a first test. The “ctrl + j” which is the script is depicted with a caret “^” and “j”. The combination will activate the script once AutoHotKey is running it. Save the file as an .ahk file. Please note that to do this you need to have windows explorer configured to see common file type extensions such that when the name of the file is changed that the file type also changes versus just the name. To run the script right-click on it and click “run script”. You will then see an autohotkey icon in the taskbar’s overflow for that specific script. If you’re using multiple scripts you will see an icon for each script running.

Send, My First Script

Here is a slightly more complicated script example for multiple lines

Send,Stuff you want to say`n`n

Send,More stuff you want to say`n`n


The “backtick and n” creates a new line character and will move down to the next line.

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