UptimeRobot is easy to use and works very well. The free version of the software allows intervals of as low as 5 minutes per recorded ping. If uptimerobot records that no ping responds then that connection can be configured such that a notification is sent to a particular email address. You also may have up to 50 monitors as part of the free package. Advanced features such as SMS delivery required the paid version which is only around $4-$6 / mo.


You’ll have to find your public IP address. Google has made this super easy. Just type in “What is my public IP address?” into Google’s search bar.

You’ll then need to test the ping from a different public IP. Sorry, search Google for how to do this.

If your firewall is blocking pings you’ll have to allow them.

If you have a sonicwall follow these instructions:


However, please note that UptimeRobot publishes all of their IPs here:


If you would like to have the listing in a .txt format scroll down to the bottom of that page.

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