Backup Hyper-V Core 2019 Virtual Machines with VEEAM

The most critical thing to note is that VEEAM requires certain features of Hyper-V that aren’t installed in the “Core” version. To handle this limitation the VMs that need to be backed up need to be treated as “physical” devices per VEEAM’s documentation. This means that a VM hosted on Hyper-V Core 2019 requires that […]

Backup TurnKey Linux with VEEAM

Veeam wants some things that have been stripped away from the Turnkey Linux .iso files compared to each distro’s official .iso files. For VEEAM to work properly, the VEEAM agent needs to be successfully installed on to the Linux server. It will also require that a user with the necessary permissions to backup the data […]

Easiest RAID Calculator

If you want to quickly see how your RAID array is going to operate in a particular configuration. Especially, for mixed storage. Recommendations on RAID is typically “keep the drives exactly the same”. However, that doesn’t always happen. Seagate has a great calculator that I recommend checking out just because of how intuitive the web […]

What is SVCHOST.exe doing?

Source: This will provide a list of what we all wish svchost would have said in task manager instead.

How to Fix “Powershell Starts Slow”

Source: Open an elevated powershell window and enter If you get anything that looks like an error, that’s part of the problem. For me I had a network interface that was set to “Public” which prevented the “winrm qc” command from running. If you have the same error and need to correct this you […]